App Developers

We provide all of our scheduling data in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). 

Terms and Conditions

Use of the GTFS data and any other information we may provide through our website is governed by our Terms & Conditions.

Scheduling Data (static)

Download the most current MTS GTFS files

You may also set your server to download the GTFS files automatically, the newest version is always located at

Real Time Data (dynamic)

We hope to share our real time information in the future for the benefit of app developers, and in turn, our customers.

Stay Up to Date

Write a script to automatically check the status of the MTS GTFS files to make sure you are up to date.  You can also use a site such as or transitland to track when MTS's GTFS files have been updated. 

What Does All of This Mean?

Are you writing an app or studying transit data, but you don't know what all of the terms mean? We have a glossary of transit terms to help define some concepts of public transit and how we apply them to our services.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments about the data, please contact Customer Service.