Real Estate

We have several properties available throughout our transit system available for joint development opportunities. Integrating your development with the San Diego transit system offers a unique opportunity to help the region meet community plan goals and reduce the community impact on the environment. 


Sean Myott, RWP, PMP, Arborist
Manager of Real Estate Assets
1255 Imperial Avenue, Ste. 1000
San Diego, CA 92101-7490

Public Notice - Sale of MTS Surplus Land

MTS is the owner of 9805 Prospect Avenue (APN 384-190-74) and 8547 Cuyamaca Street (APN 384-190-44) in Santee, CA 92071. MTS has complied with the Surplus Land Act, California Government Code section 54220, et seq. and is actively marketing the property for sale. Sale of the property is subject to 1) an existing lease to a 7-Eleven retail store and 2) a restrictive covenant to be recorded before sale of the property pursuant to the Surplus Land Act, California Government Code section 54233. For more information, or to submit an offer, please contact Chip Willett of Bender Rosenthal, Inc. (BRI), an authorized MTS representative. Offers are due to BRI by February 25, 2023.

9805 Prospect Avenue