Car-Free San Diego Ice Cream Crawl

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July is National Ice Cream Month, with National Ice Cream Day happening on July 17. What better way to cool off this summer than with a sweet treat? 

Summer is now in full swing and we’ve got a fun idea for you to try out - a San Diego Ice Cream Crawl! There are a few neighborhoods that lend themselves to easy walking tours and we’ve put together all of the details for you - just grab a few friends, bring a few supplies, and hop on board MTS to get you to your day of delicious fun! Taking MTS can help you save on gas, travel in large groups and avoid parking issues in popular neighborhoods.

How to do an ice cream crawl

1.) Ask a few of your friends and family to join you for an ice cream crawl, then select one of the neighborhoods you'd like to explore from our list below - we've got three to choose from! 

2.) To make the crawl a bit more fun, print out these Ice Cream Crawl review sheets in advance. Write in the names of the shops you plan to visit under each cone. Pick one or two flavors to try at each stop, depending on the number of people in your party. It's best to go small and share only 1 or 2 scoops since you'll be trying quite a bit of ice cream!

3.) After each visit, rate the ice cream on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the best. The “judges” can either circle the number, or color in the number of scoops to indicate the score. At the end of your ice cream crawl, have someone tally up the points for each shop. The shop with the most points is the winner!

4.) Snap of photo of your group and their completed review sheets or ice cream and tag us on Instagram @sdmts and include the hashtag #sdmtsicecreamcrawl

4.) Some suggested supplies to bring with you:

  • plastic knife (for cutting ice cream sandwiches or paletas)
  • Ice Cream Crawl review sheet
  • pens or colored pencils
  • a PRONTO card or app (every rider needs their own PRONTO card or app)

Download Ice Cream Crawl Review Sheet

If you don't want to commit to a full crawl, also check out our list of unique ice cream shops in San Diego below. Whether you do a full ice cream crawl, or just visit a shop or two, MTS is a safe and easy way to get you to your destination without the hassle of parking and will help you to save on gas. And for families: remember that youth 18 and under ride free with the Youth Opportunity Pass.

View our list of suggested ice cream shops below!

Ice Cream Crawl Neighborhoods

Little Italy
Convoy Street
Pacific Beach
Other Unique Destinations

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